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Now, a Proven LIMS Option to Manage Your
Testing Lab for Better Profits

Our LIMS for testing labs is available as a SaaS, Cloud-based, or an on premise solution to suit your
budget and unique needs.
Testing labs are under constant pressure to ensure the integrity of their testing process and maintain
high levels of efficiency to stay profitable.
Stay informed to stay competitive.


Our Lab Information
Management System for
Testing Labs

We can Save Time, Effort, and Money for You

The GLPs your
testing lab
adopts promote
confidence in
your customers.
Good GLPs attract
higher paying


Using our LIMS, you can document and present your GLPs to customers as evidence of your professionalism and commitment to quality. By disseminating information of the SOPs you follow for a given testing regimen, you put your customers at ease and gain their confidence. With our LIMS, you can easily document and manage SOPs and relate them with your technicians’ skills, test environment data, equipment fitness, and the applicable standards.

We also offer

Automate to Succeed in the 21st Century

Automating your administrative and testing processes can boost productivity and minimize costs towards better profit margins and fast, reliable customer service. We offer a LIMS-equipment interface capability to import equipment data for every test report generated.

Our LIMS also has automated reporting capabilities by which the standard sections of your report, such as technician credentials, test validity status, test environment information, etc., can be blended with test-specific information with just a few mouse clicks. So, you improve efficiency and reliability simultaneously.

The Heart of Your Business—Your Technicians

The expertise and experience of your technicians can make or break your business. So, testing labs ensure that their technicians’ skills are not only documented accurately in tamper-proof archives but also upgraded to reflect industry and regulatory changes.

Our LIMS ensures that your technicians’ skills are matched with the tests they perform. Optionally, when a technician performs a new test, a competent authority can use our LIMS to authorize that test. So, the integrity and transparency of the testing process is maintained.

Good Test Data Equals Excellent Customer Service

With our structured reporting options and formats, you can ensure the completeness and readability of the test reports. Moreover, you can add technician qualifications, information on the procedures used, and other useful information to deliver a report that the customer wants.

In addition, we can pull machine data to avoid manual errors and ensure test data integrity. You also save time and effort in the bargain. With our customization option, you can please every customer by giving them the information they want. This saves time for your customers and increases your lab’s efficiency.
As a testing and certifying lab, your equipment should be an A1 condition. Moreover, firmware and software updates should reflect the changes in industry guidelines, laws, and regulations.

The cybersecurity of networked testing equipment is also important. You can configure our LIMS to generate alarms when maintenance and upgrade schedules are not followed. Moreover, it’s easy to update the equipment with our intuitive maintenance console. Stay safe, stay compliant with our LIMS’ equipment maintenance features.

Retain Reliability under Constant Change

Testing labs have to deal with changes to test procedures, laws, standards, and industry best practices. To keep your customers competitive in their market segments, your testing lab has to embrace and manage change constantly to deliver the best value to its customers.

Our LIMS gives you a customizable, easy-to-read audit trail to manage and track changes. A built-in change management system ensures changes are authorized before they are implemented. A regulated, transparent change-management system in our LIMS ensures you are market-ready always.
Chain of Custody (COC) information has become a critical need during the pandemic. How your samples are handled, and by whom, is critical to eliminate chances of contamination or malpractice. A COC report eliminates the opportunities for malpractice, accidental switching of samples, or potential contamination.

Leading regulatory bodies are now demanding COC reports, along with the test results and other relevant information. Know your COC and boost customer confidence.