A NABL audit took weeks of effort

Using manual processes in the lab meant generating audit logs was a very difficult activity. Moreover, managing all data on paper was very difficult and time-consuming. This process also resulted in a lot of errors due to manual processes. Besides, customers were not getting a timely response, resulting in poor customer feedback.
Also, critical testing processes and vital compliance reports for audits were delayed due to errors, manual procedures, and unreliable data that had to be reviewed and edited multiple times.
The absence of a centralized database and coordinating system meant the work-from-home option was unreliable, even unviable. The main concern was the security and reliability of data being generated in this work environment.

The advantages labs reported after implementing our LIMS

Our cloud-based LIMS solutions, namely our anytime and anywhere work approach, made it easy for personnel to work from home. This not only boosted the lab’s efficiency but also ensured employee safety during the pandemic. But the main advantage was the control and transparency that our LIMS brought to the table. Metadata, automatically generated through our LIMS, ensured data collection and centralization—even in a highly distributed, work-from-home scenario.
The readily available and reliable metadata, along with the main test data, ensured easy and reliable NABL audits. Besides, our LIMS fetching data directly from the testing and calibration machines resulted in zero manual errors. Moreover, the manual data entry effort was minimized, resulting in much higher work efficiency and data integrity.
Again, this audit-friendly feature knocked the stress out of manually collecting and collating machine data for crucial NABL audits. Also, generating an audit log became a one-click operation. No more time-wasting multiple reviews to arrive at audit data and verify its integrity. The readily available audit log ensured stress-free audits for the already busy team.
Furthermore, with our customer portal, customers now track the submitted sample and download reports. The customer portal also captures authentic customer reviews that the management can access directly to ensure excellent service. This feature ensured the success of a critical component of external audits—customer satisfaction.
In addition, an automated workflow built into our LIMS meant the highest efficiency and lowest error rates. This enhanced the reputation of our customers as testing, calibration, and certifying labs because the customer received comprehensive, flawless reports. The LIMS provided relevant information at every step of the testing or evaluation process to all stakeholders, without the attendant administrative overheads.
Data transparency and reliability ensured successful NABL audits for our clients with little effort.
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