Excel for Critical Lab Processes

To begin with, data on spreadsheets were distributed across many excel files. This resulted in poor version control, with several versions of the same test data distributed across many files. So, recovering, analyzing, and reporting activities became cumbersome and time-intensive. As a result, the efficiency and profitability of the lab suffered.
Also, because of manual data entry, there were many human errors that resulted in several reviews of information submitted to establish its truthfulness. This approach further reduced the efficiency of the lab. It also contributed to higher stress levels in the team.
Consequently, the decrease in efficiency and higher human errors meant more rework, driving up the number of human resources required. Audits were also extremely challenging. The non-availability of a centralized log file made retrieval of information required for external audits a dreadful activity.
In addition, automation with excel was very impractical without a centralized database. While macros were an option, this option could not be efficiently implemented for more sophisticated types of analyses and data manipulations.

Genuine Benefits Experienced after Implementing the LabEasy LIMS

Accessed controlled, tamper-proof centralized data meant access was available to authorized persons anytime, anywhere. Moreover, one-click reports were on hand for senior staff, without sacrificing the productivity of the lab staff.
The resulting higher efficiency meant fewer resources and delays, significantly increasing the profitability of the lab. No manual or version-related errors meant a stress-free and more efficient operating environment for the staff. Besides, the LabEasy LIMS ensured a reliable, totally automated workflow. This ensured superb efficiency and drastically reduced administrative work. So, staff were better occupied with revenue-generating activities and stopped wasting time on unprofitable admin work.
Also, the automated audit trail and other metadata generated on lab activities by our LIMS resulted in a data-driven, fact-based employee performance evaluation. This ensured that the lab’s valuable team members were appraised reliably and retained favorably through an impartial evaluation process. The automated audit trail and log file generated by our LIMS meant a great simplification of the NABL audit process. The stress around external audits was largely mitigated, resulting in external audits becoming learning sessions instead of dreaded events.
In addition, the centralized data with the necessary access controls meant the safety and reliability of critical test and compliance data. This also meant much fewer reviews and higher efficiencies. Know more about our affordable LIMS packages to generate higher revenues and profits.