The LabEasy LIMS Transformation Journey at KISCO CASTINGS INDIA LIMITED



   Contact: Mr. Pankaj Mandal, General Manager

   Industry: Metallurgical Laboratory Testing

   Feedback Date: December 30, 2023 

The Challenge Before LabEasy

   Initial Workflow: The lab was entrenched in manual processes, with staff dedicating extensive time to maintaining written testing records. This method was not only time-consuming but also prone to errors, impacting the laboratory’s efficiency and accuracy.

   Operational Bottlenecks: The reliance on manual documentation led to significant delays in testing and reporting, creating backlogs and affecting service quality.

Seeking a Solution

   Need for Change: Faced with operational inefficiencies, the laboratory recognized the need for a digital solution to streamline processes.

   Choosing LabEasy LIMS: LabEasy LIMS was selected for its ability to centralize data, offer enhanced filtering options, and improve overall workflow efficiency. The decision was driven by the need to have all records in one platform, facilitating easier management and access.

Implementing the Change

   Transition Strategy: The implementation involved a structured plan that included staff training to ensure a smooth transition to the new system.

   Rollout Experience: The rollout of LabEasy LIMS was methodical, with an emphasis on minimizing disruption to ongoing operations. Staff adapted excellently to the new system, appreciating its user-friendly interface and functionality.

Post-Implementation Impact

  Operational Improvements: Post-implementation, the laboratory witnessed a substantial increase in testing efficiency. The software enabled faster processing of data and reduced the number of pending tests at the end of each day.

  User Experience: Staff feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with the software’s ease of operation and smooth functioning being highly praised.

   Strategic Benefits: The implementation of LabEasy LIMS led to smoother, more efficient operations, and a significant reduction in manual labor and errors. This change positively impacted the laboratory’s overall service quality and client satisfaction.


   Transformation Summary: The journey of KISCO CASTINGS INDIA LIMITED (LAB DIVISION) with LabEasy LIMS illustrates a successful transition from manual, labour-intensive processes to an automated, efficient, and streamlined operation.

   Client Endorsement: Mr. Pankaj Mandal commends LabEasy LIMS for its impact on the laboratory’s operations, highlighting the ease of use and significant improvements in workflow and efficiency.